[2017, Lisbon]

3rd Floor


The Wild Willows

1000 km


Komorebi [木漏れ日]


A Room With A View

komorebi (木漏れ日), is a japanise word for ‘sunshine filtering through the leaves of a tree’. It is made up of three kanji (japanese characters): The first kanji 木 means ‘tree’ (or ‘trees‘), the second one 漏 means ‘escape’ and the last one 日 is ‘light‘ or ‘sun‘.

In Jardin de Estrela, Lisbon, The light that comes through the different species of plants changes rapidly with every breeze and as the sun changes its position. It is what leads the people and gives the park it’s esthetic form. The ray of light breaks into shapes, lights a different area every time, and gives the right focus for each moment.



I have let the light lead me. I was seeking for the komorebi. It seemed to me as if it was lights coming out of electrical projectors. I was seeking for the contrast and tried to document moments. Every photo in this serie is unique and cannot be restored. It is a documentation of single moments that happened in Jardin de Estrella on the summer of 2017.